Fortune teller

The fortune teller.

Razputin, your journey has made you much wiser, so why do you still horde your goods like a miser? The items you've scavenged, the webs, cards, and brains -- just to redeem them is all that remains!” — The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller is a character found near the entrance to the big top in the Meat Circus.


The fortune teller looks similar to the Knife Thrower, only female. She is found in a fortune telling machine. She moves like a robot.


After the point of no return, she is the character that helps you rank up. She collects your PSI Cards, Brains, and Figments and pledges them into ranks.


  • If Clairvoyance is used on her, she sees Raz as a circus visiting boy with snacks and a balloon.
  • When Telekinesis is used on her, the hand appears above her but she doesn't move.
    Fortuna vision

    Using Clairvoyance on the fortune teller.

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