The Dr. Loboto Portrait.

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Concept art for the Dr. Loboto Portrait.

The Dr. Loboto Portrait is an item that Edgar Teglee painted in Psychonauts. Before Edgar could give the painting to Razputin, he loses control of himself and draws a bullfight over the painting. Then Edgar smashes the defaced painting. Razputin had to enter Edgar's mind and help him get over his past about high school. After completing Black Velvetopia, Edgar paints Razputin another Dr. Loboto portrait with no bullfight on it.


This is one of the three pieces of the Dr. Loboto disguise Razputin used to trick Crispin Whytehead into thinking he was Dr. Loboto. The painting was used as Dr. Loboto's face. Razputin wears this item on his face in Thorney Towers.