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Dr. Caligosto Loboto, D.D.S. is an insane dentist and one of the antagonists of Psychonauts. He wears a shower cap, has a prosthetic arm and regards brains as like bad teeth - in need of removal. He is also the designer and creator of the Brain Tanks.


Loboto works in cahoots with Coach Oleander to steal the campers' brains. He accomplishes this with powder from his prosthetic arm, making the victim sneeze their brain out. He is first seen removing Dogen's brain before dumping it into a "trash chute" in Raz' Brain Tumbler experience. Later, he tries to remove Lili's brain but fails as she has a cold. When the player reaches his lab, he is working on an experiment with Sasha and Milla's brains. He torments his assistant, Sheegor, by threatening to cook her turtle, Mr. Pokeylope, and blames her for bringing him nice brains that won't fight. He is later PSI Blasted out of his lab by his own brain tank when Razputin puts the turtle's brain in the tank.


  • If you blow Linda's Horn in his lab, he says, "Sheegor, please. Open a window if you're gonna do that."
  • If Pyrokinesis is used on Mr. Pokeylope whilst attempting to rescue him, Dr. Loboto will sniff the air and say, "Mmm. Smells like turtle soup."
  • Almost none of Raz's powers have any effect on him, including the Psycho-portal, which just bounces back (the shower cap is in the way). But you can use Clairvoyance on him and you'll see that he sees Raz exactly as himself.
  • "Loboto" is a reference to "lobotomy", a medical procedure in which a doctor operates on a patient's brain, severing the pre-frontal cortex from the rest of the brain.
  • "Caligosto" is probably a reference to "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", 1920 German silent horror film.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Finklestein, a character from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Given his irregular behavior and presence in Thorney Towers, many fans assume that Dr. Loboto was not a doctor in the asylum, but one of its patients. 
  • It is an extremely popular theory within the game's fandom that Loboto could be related to Bobby Zilch due to their similar appearances and voices.

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