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The Dog Painters are a chain of Doggie artists found in Black Velvetopia.

Their paintings can be bought for a certain amount of arrowheads by Razputin to help further his progress in Edgar's mind. The paintings are a Rose, an Alleyway, a Guitar, a Window, and a Vine. When placed in certain areas, the paintings will increase in size, and Raz can scale them like ladders or get transported to hidden areas.

They are trapped within the side alleys in fear of being trampled (or even gored) by El Odio.

Also, they are the only friends of Edgar; they live in his head and whisper scary things to him whenever he tries to sleep at night.


  • There are four dogs in total, each in different breeds: Saint Bernard, Collie, Dalmatian, and Bulldog.
  • Each are painting a picture of Razputin.
  • They are a reference to the "Dogs Playing Poker" painting by C.M. Collidge. The poodle, of course, is the only dog not included in this world.
  • Clairvoyance shows that the St. Bernard sees Raz as an art model, the Collie as a filthy pig, the Dalmatian as a judge, and the Bulldog as a tourist.
  • If one returns to Black Velvetopia after finishing the level, Edgar can be seen playing Poker with the dog painters.

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