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Dingo Inflagrante is a matador whom Razputin encounters in Black Velvetopia.


Dingo is the only matador known to be able to fight the bull El Odio, who terrorizes Black Velvetopia. He is seen as an extremely vain character, unwilling to take on the bull due to the lack of spectators.


Raz first encounters Dingo in Dingo's apartment within Black Velvetopia. Raz asks Dingo to help get rid of El Odio, but Dingo refuses stating that he cannot do so until a poster is painted for him by one of the Dog Painters.

After fighting El Odio (who is revealed to be a charictature of Edgar's anger), Dingo is shown to attack the beast and he takes over as the level's boss. Raz must then protect the bull while fighting Dingo at the same time.


  • (punch Dingo in his apartment) "Ooh. Good thing you cannot reach my face. Then I'd be mad."
  • (hit Dingo in the face with cobweb duster) "Ow!"
  • (when confused) "I am the mighty El Odio! I have all the power of the bull!"


  • Dean Lagrante, the male cheerleader from Edgar's years at high school, is the real world counterpart of Dingo.
  • The Jacks in the tower of cards all bear Dingo's (Dean's) likeness.

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