D'artagan, or Dart for short, was the original protagonist planned for Psychonauts. The main character was subsequently changed to Razputin, due to difficulties with animating Dart's hat. They also feared that the sway of the hat would be confused with a ponytail and people would think Dart was female. He makes an appearance for a split second during the final cinematic, peeking out from behind an outhouse in the background.

Trivia Edit

  • When Coach Oleander tries to probe Raz's mind in the opening, he says that Raz's name starts with a "D", referencing Dart.
  • Dart can be seen in the final slide of Coach Oleander's primal memories, where he is shown traversing the Basic Braining obstacle course.
  • According to the recently-released Psychonauts retrospective, The Color of the Sky in Your World, he was re-designed from the game due to being too odd-looking among the rest of the cast of characters.

Gallery Edit

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