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concept art of the crows

The Crows are animals found in the Milkman Conspiracy in Psychonauts in the hedge garden and on the Asylum Grounds outside the front gate where they flock around Boyd. They can also be found in the GPC and Wilderness. Later in the game, a crow presses a button to lower the stair steps which keep Razputin Aquato from heading to the top of the Asylum. Raz must confuse the crow, get past it using Invisibility or use Telekinesis to get its cage away from the button.

Interacting with the crowsEdit

While holding the Crow Feather activating Clairvoyance will give you a literal bird's eye view of the area you are in. Hitting the crow and then using Clairvoyance can give you a moving view of your area.


  • Crows are impervious to damage, and cannot be killed by using psychic powers such as Pyrokinesis and Marksmanship.
  • Raz can walk around tickling people with the crow feather.