Cannon snail zoom

A cannon snail up close.

The Cannon Snails are enemies who appear in Waterloo World. They are iron armored snails that have legs and fire cannonballs out of a hidden cannon in their shell. In order to defeat these enemies, the player must hit the snails then use Pyrokinesis on them to make the cannon go off inside of them or use Telekinesis to throw them into the water.


They appear as snails with humanoid legs and arms. Their faces are not seen, but their red eyes show their facial expressions. Their shells have fuses on them which go off when their hidden cannons fire. On their shell, there are rust marks and bolts to indicate that they are made of metal.


  • Using Clairvoyance on the Cannon Snails will reveal that they view Raz as a big leaf with his face on it.