Screencap of the front page.

Campster is a small promotional webpage on Double Fine Productions' website. Modeled after a social networking website, Campster is actually an in-universe webpage used by the children attending Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp to keep in touch, not unlike the analog bulletin board that appears in the game proper. The site is notable for including a great deal of supplement information not in the actual game. Including character's hometowns, backstories and interests.

The content of the webpage was originally hosted on real-life website Friendster, and was ported over to another real-life website known as Myspace. Unfortunately, due to complications with these websites' functions and polices (not to mention their decreasing relevance) the content of the character's individual pages became more difficult to view. Years later, Tim Schafer and the team at Double Fine created their own site to host the pages, giving them more creative and legal control over them.

Campers With ProfilesEdit


  • According to Lili's page and some of her comments on other camper's profiles, she does not enjoy the site and is only using it because Franke and Kitty made her.
  • Vernon's page is the only one without any comments.
  • Although the game itself is T-rated, the content of the pages is surprisingly crass at times. One of Crystal's posts contains explicit language, probably the one and only example of profanity in any official Psychonauts content.
  • Lili's page is the only place where her ability to communicate with plants is directly referenced.

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