Mangled Bunny

The Bunny Demon in the Meat Circus.

The Bunny Demon is an abundant enemy in the Meat Circus in Psychonauts. They used to be normal bunnies, but after they were dropped into giant meat grinders their bodies were mangled and mashed together into large, deformed grotesque forms.


The Bunny Demons spawn from giant meat grinders while Razputin is chasing young Oly's bunny. Raz must protect Young Oleander from their attacks.


Bunny E vision

Using Clairvoyance on the demon bunny.

  • Using Clairvoyance on the bunny demon will show Raz as a carrot.
  • The bunny demons have the same shape as the monster plants.
  • The disfigurement of the bunny when it falls into the grinder could be a form of foreshadowing for the Two-Headed Dad Monster appearing later on in the level.