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The Boathouse and Beach is an area in Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. This area borders Lake Oblongata. The beach has fish from the lake on it who are afraid to go back in the water. The boathouse is decorated with parts from a pirate ship such as crows nests and nets. It is where the campers get their canoes. The split personality of Ford Cruller in this area is Admiral Cruller.

Story Edit

Razputin comes to this part of camp to get a canoe from Admiral Cruller in order to get to Milla Vodello for Levitation training. Razputin returns here with Lili to find out what has been happening with the campers. The Hulking Lungfish appears and captures Lili. Razputin has to ride the oversized divers helmet down to the bottom of the lake to catch the lungfish. When Razputin uses the Lungfish Call in this area, Linda takes him to Thorney Towers.


PSI Challenge MarkersEdit

  • On top of the big rock

PSI CardsEdit

Scavenger Hunt ItemsEdit

Psychics Often Found Edit

Milla's Class

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