Benny Fideleo is one of the campers found at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. He is Bobby Zilch's sidekick, and constantly bullies those weaker than Bobby alongside him. On his own, however, he doesn't amount to much. He is also all about musicals, specifically ones that are about dishing out punishments.

Benny is voiced by Bill Tanzer.


The first time Razputin meets Benny, he is backing up Bobby as usual as they are bullying Maloof. Benny acts tough, but is clearly just hiding behind his stronger 'friend'. This already becomes obvious in Basic Braining, when he starts yelling out in fear without Bobby's protection.

He can be found at the docks of Lake Oblongata for the next while, torturing helpless fish (again with Bobby). When Milka pretends to be the Hulking Lungfish to get them to stop, he flees the area. Later on, Mikhail takes revenge on him for bullying Maloof. The two boys are dangling Benny above the river nearest the GPC, threatening him with a technique known as "Deadly Nelson".

After recovering Benny's brain and telling him of Oleander's evil plot, he asks Raz if the Coach has a sidekick or lickspittle, and leaves. Benny can be observed later in the observation room watching television and laughing. He is seen again at the ending cutscene.


(While being tortured by Maloof and Mikhail)

Razputin: "You should use this time to rethink your life."

Benny: "Raz buddy! You've got to help me!"


  • Benny is the only camper who is not around after gaining Clairvoyance, so it is technically impossible to use it on him, but by using a cheat code or hacking the game, you can see he sees Raz as having oversized ears.
  • Benny's nickname is "the Nose"; a joke because his ears are much more notable.
  • Benny likes to listen to original cast recordings of showtunes.
  • Benny's favorite books are For Laughing Out Loud: The Autobiography of Ed McMahon and Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights by Burt Ward.
  • Benny's favorite TV shows are Fame and Cop Rock.
  • Benny's favorite movies are Chicago and West Side Story.
  • Mikhail believes Benny would be easy to beat in a fight and mentions that the most amusing way to win would be to tie Benny's ears in front of his face.
  • Psychadet rank: Tender Brain
  • Hometown: Parma, Ohio
  • Psychic Speciality: Psi-kick
  • Interests: Beatings, musicals