Camp cruller4

Razputin using the Bacon to call Ford Cruller.

Bacon is an item given to Razputin by Ford Cruller.


Ford states that he wants to keep a eye on Raz, and that he'll be a "psychic stowaway" in Raz's "noggin".

When using the Bacon, Ford will pop his head out of Raz's ear during then you will be able to ask him various things: a hint on what you're supposed to do, how to defeat an enemy, and once you buy a PSI Energy Colorizer he will allow you to change the color of various psychic powers. Also, he can teleport you back to his cave, even if you are in a mental world. This will not work past "The Point of No Return".


  • If you take out the Bacon when you are in Ford's Sanctuary, Ford will say, "Now, don't go pulling that out when I'm physically nearby, or I'm telling you, I'm gonna eat it!"
  • The above also happens if you take out the bacon while in a training session for the merit badges Invisibility, Telekinesis, or Pyrokinesis.
  • When you take it out in his sanctuary, you can run around with the Bacon in your hand. This is the only place where you can do this.
  • In the Steam version only, there is an achievement for using the bacon many times.
  • If Bacon is used next to one of Ford's "disguises" around the camp, Raz will ask Ford how he can be in 2 places at once.

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