Asylum lower floors

The lower floors of the asylum.

The Asylum Lower Floors are an area in Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed. In order to get to the lower floors you must go past Gloria's garden.


The lower floors of the asylum are ruined. Lots of debris is found all around the place. There is an elevator here that leads to the upper floors. Fred Bonaparte, Crispin Whytehead and Edgar Teglee are the residents of this area. There are a few brains scattered around the area as well.

Psi Challenge MarkersEdit

  • On the rafters of Edgar's room.


  • The paintings on the floor are maps or strategies from Waterloo World.
  • Using Telekinesis on the "game pieces" will result in Fred saying that Raz ruined everything.
    • After Fred is sane again he will say that it is an interesting strategy.
      Edgar's room

      Edgar's room.

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