Houston Thorney

The statue of Houston Thorney in the main grounds.

Asylum grounds

The main grounds.

The Asylum Grounds are an area on the island where Thorney Towers Home for the Disturbed stands. At first Razputin Aquato can only access a small cliff where the gate is. The rest of the grounds can only be accessed after completing The Milkman Conspiracy in Psychonauts because Raz needs Boyd Cooper to open the gate.


Asylum Garden

The asylum garden.

The Asylum Grounds consist of the main grounds and the garden where Gloria Von Gouton is found. In the center of the main grounds, there is a fountain with the statue of Houston Thorney, the founder of the asylum. The area is filled with various asylum objects like wheelchairs. Crows are found around this area.


PSI Challenge MarkersEdit

  • On a small ledge near the asylum gate.

Scavenger Hunt ItemsEdit


  • Franke's Brain:
  • J.T.'s Brain:
  • Kitty's Brain:


  •  There is an elevator in the main grounds possibly used by Coach Oleander to access Loboto's Lair.
    • After Raz reaches Loboto's Lair he can use it to quickly get up or down from there.